Amber Tamblyn Asks Twitter to Let Her Know If They Saw Her and Her Baby Almost Get Hit by a Car

Amber Tamblyn.

Here’s a question for you: Were you in Brooklyn today, over near the Barclays Center? If so, did you witness a near-miss car accident involving a woman pushing a stroller? If you did, could you let Amber Tamblyn know? The actress and author tweeted about the incident on Sunday afternoon, asking her followers (and the Twitterverse in general) to reach out if they had any info about the incident. Per Tamblyn’s account, a grey van ended up “touching the stroller with the car’s bumper” as they attempted to cross the street. Also, if you saw that exact incident and it wasn’t Amber Tamblyn and her child, please still let someone know.

Amber Tamblyn Asks If Anyone Saw Her Almost Get Hit by a Car