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Armie Hammer Literally Phoned It In — Shirtless! — to the Spirit Awards

We’re not sure why Armie Hammer wasn’t able to swing by this year’s Film Independent Spirit Awards in person, but are we going to grumble about it? No, not really. Because his Call Me By Your Name co-star Timothée Chalamet was more than happy to pick up his phone, utilize the Skype dot com application, and get that foxy shirtless man to be there … in a virtual presence, anyway. “Unfortunately, Armie Hammer can’t be here today, which is probably better, because we’d all be staring at him since he’s such a goddamn hunk,” Nick Kroll said in his opening monologue. “I will say though: Armie Hammer is so handsome, he makes Jon Hamm look like his name should be Tony Bologna.” Added his fellow monologue-er John Mulaney: “Call Me By Your Name? More like Fuck Me By Act Two.”

Thankfully, Chalamet got to “take a break from the gas station” to join everyone at the ceremony last night. Lucky him!

Armie Hammer Phoned It in Shirtless to the Spirit Awards