Bill Hader Celebrates St. Paddy’s Day in Cut-for-Time SNL Sketch

In the grand tradition of Kristen Wiig giving thanks for Thanksgiving, Michael Keaton discovering Easter candy, and Edward Norton scaring up some Halloween treats, Bill Hader sits back with a warm cup of rancid milk in the latest installment of Saturday Night Live’s “articulate oddball reviews holiday customs” sketch series. Like Wiig’s edition, Hader’s sketch was cut for time, but it’s here now to leave you with the question we all ask ourselves every year on March 17: Is the Lucky Charms leprechaun secretly Buffalo Bill, or do they just have the same catchphrase? Happy Day Two Days After St. Patricks’s Day, everybody. Happy Two Days After St. Patrick’s Day, Kathy Ireland.

Bill Hader Celebrates St. Paddy’s Day in Cut SNL Sketch