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Watch Wakanda’s Wholesome King Chadwick Boseman Surprise Black Panther Fans on Fallon

Chadwick Boseman might not have the arms of Michael B. Jordan, Letitia Wright’s one-liners, or Angela Bassett’s Angela Bassett–ness, but Wakanda’s wholesome king is not to be outdone. On The Tonight Show, Boseman surprised fans who thought they’d entered a video studio to record a message for the Black Panther star. Surprise! Chadwick was the man behind the curtain, popping out to hug each fan, thanking them for seeing the movie, and shaming one guy for watching it illegally who said, “I’ve seen the movie twice in theaters already, and once on bootleg.” Come for Chadwick’s humility, stay for Jimmy Fallon awkwardly third-wheeling black excellence.

See Wakanda’s Wholesome King Chadwick Boseman Surprise Fans