Check Out Gary Richardson’s Delightful Short Film ‘Places, Thank You Places’

Gary Richardson is funny in many ways – on Twitter, in web series, and most recently as a writer on Saturday Night Live. Last year, Richardson rounded up some of the funniest New York-based comedians including Carmen Christopher, Mitra Jouhari, Ana Fabrega, Jaboukie Young-White, John Reynolds, and Matt Barats to join him for a short film he also wrote called Places, Thank You Places, and it’s a solid argument that we should be seeing much more from Richardson and his friends in the near future. Directed and edited by J.J. Adler (The Onion News Network, Adam Ruins Everything), the short stars Richardson as a struggling actor/understudy named Miles who lands what could be a career-making opportunity, but then…well, just watch and find out yourself. “I guess the real reason I started writing this was because I talk a lot of shit about things that I don’t like and my pal Joey Dundale said that I should have more to show for myself then,” Richardson told us about the film. “He was right, so I started working on my own stuff, things I thought were good. I made a thing I’m proud of and now I’ve got to make something better.” If this doesn’t inspire you to complain a little less and produce a little more, I don’t know what will.

Check Out Gary Richardson’s Delightful Short Film […]