Check Out Some Clips from Samantha Bee’s Puerto Rico ‘Full Frontal’ Special

Back in January, Samantha Bee announced that she and her team were heading to Puerto Rico for a special episode of Full Frontal, and in case you missed it last night, you can watch a bunch of clips right here. In the segment above, Bee and her correspondents talk to Puerto Ricans about how things have been since Hurricane Maria hit the island six months ago and the government’s terrible response to the disaster, which ultimately left the task of rebuilding to Puerto Rican volunteers. Inspired, Bee decides to make her own contribution by hooking up a barber in the rural town of Adjuntas with solar panels from a nearby non-profit so he can get back to business and hopefully help make his neighbors feel a little bit better.

Check out some more clips from the special below featuring special appearances by Javier Muñoz and David Duchovny, plus deep dives into more Puerto Rican volunteer groups making a difference, how local comedians use humor to help their communities heal, the debate over Puerto Rican statehood vs. independence, and much more:

Check Out Some Clips from Samantha Bee’s Puerto Rico […]