Check Out the Trailer for Johnny Knoxville’s Comedy ‘Action Point’

Last year it was reported that Johnny Knoxville had signed on to produce and star in a comedy inspired by New Jersey’s infamous amusement park Action Park, and now the movie has a trailer and premiere date. Titled Action Point, the movie was written by Knoxville and Silicon Valley writers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, and Tim Kirkby (Playing House, Grace and Frankie, Brockmire) directed. The real Action Park is responsible for many injuries and six deaths, including multiple drownings and an electrocution, so it’s a good thing Knoxville lived through production. “I thought of the most painful stunts I could, and we made a film. And boy did it cost me: I got more injured on this than on any Jackass film I’ve ever done,” he told Vice. “Because all the stunts we did were real. I asked the stunt guys, ‘Look, we’re gonna do them for real. So no pads, and no cutting on the action.’ I felt kind of bad for asking them to do that, but actually they were psyched because they never get a chance to do that.” The movie heads to theaters on Friday, June 1st.

Check Out the Trailer for Johnny Knoxville’s Comedy […]