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Dana Carvey Did Some Excellent Mustache Work As John Bolton on the Late Show

John Bolton is the latest lawmaker in Confederate-soldier cosplay to make the rounds on the late-night circuit. The Late Show invited Bolton (Dana Carvey), the national security adviser designate, onto the show amid claims that he’s a complete madman who once threw a tape dispenser at a contractor and called an analyst a “mid-level … munchkin.” Stephen Colbert tries to fact-check Bolton’s reputation: “So there’s no truth to the stories of you being an unhinged bully?” Bolton sniggers. “Stephen, those stories are only hogwash and poppycock. They’re also poppy-wash and hog-cock,” he said. “I’m as soft and tame as [my mustache] General Snowball.”

Colbert Hosts Dana Carvey and His Mustache As John Bolton