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Conan Auditions to Be Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson’s Body Double

It’s nice being a late-night host and all, but Conan O’Brien has realized the real glory is in action films. Which is why when Dwayne Johnson stops by to promote Rampage, the comedian pitches his dream of being the Rock’s stunt double. After all they’re both “big guys” — well, Conan is a tall guy, and Johnson notes the comic has “a physique” — and with a bald cap and some movie magic Conan believes he can make it happen. If it ends up that he can’t withstand the constant fights with albino apes, Conan can always shoot for his backup plan, playing the Art Garfunkel to Johnson’s Paul Simon in a music biopic.

Conan Auditions to Be Dwayne Johnson’s Body Double