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Claire Foy’s The Crown Co-Star, Jared Harris, Thinks Her Gender Pay Gap Is Huge ‘Embarrassment’

Photo: Alex Bailey/Netflix

Aw, you know how overprotective dads can be. Despite Claire Foy finally offering a brief comment to address The Crown’s pay gap controversy — she’s “not surprised” people took an interest in the scandal, especially since it’s a female-led series — her small-screen father, Jared Harris, isn’t taking as quiet of a stance. “I think it’s an embarrassment for Left Bank Pictures,” Harris, who played King George VI in the first season, told Digital Spy about Foy being paid less than Matt Smith. “It’s got nothing to do with Matt Smith. It’s probably nothing to do with Netflix either.” Left Bank, The Crown’s production company in charge of negotiating salaries, released a statement of their own last week apologizing to Foy and Smith, who “found themselves at the center of a media storm [t]hrough no fault of their own.”

Still, Harris believes there’s only one way to properly solve the pay disparity: a retroactive payment to Foy that fully matches Smith’s salary. “I understand they made an apology but, you know, an apology and a check would be more welcome,” he explained. “She worked longer hours. Her performance is a huge reason why this thing is going to have a season three, four, five, and six … send her a paycheck and, in retrospect, bring her pay up to parity.”

So what do you reckon, Left Bank?

Claire Foy’s The Crown Co-Star Slams ‘Embarrassing’ Pay Gap