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‘Donald Trump’ Weighs in on Daily Show’s ‘Bracket of Bullsh**t’ Final Eight

Unlike his predecessors, the real President Donald Trump did not share his March Madness NCAA men’s-basketball tournament brackets with the public. However, fake Donald Trump (Anthony Atamanuik of The President Show), went ahead and offered his analysis of The Daily Show’s spoof “Third Month Mania: The Bracket of Bulls**t.” The competition, now down to its final excruciating eight, pits the worst examples of B.S. perpetrated by POTUS against everyone else’s nonsense. Among the four Trump-related contenders left, there were, of course, the false claims about his inauguration crowd size. “Wasn’t that incredible?” fake Trump said. “Not only that, I made Sean Spicer repeat it on his first day of work — nuked his career from the very start!”

‘Donald Trump’ Weighs in on Daily Show’s Bracket of B.S.