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Of Course Fyre Festival Spent an Exorbitant Amount on a Yacht for Blink-182

And they never even got to take it out for a spin. Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Bethesda Softwo

As Fyre Festival founder and noted scammer Billy McFarland is back in federal court this week on fraud charges, new details have emerged about what went into planning his music festival from hell. “Page Six” has obtained McFarland’s bank statements, which reveal he wasted nearly a million dollars on worthless extravagances. According to the documents, he spent $160,000 on a yacht as a perk for headliner Blink-182, who pulled out of the festival before it was too late, so they never even took the yacht out for a spin. And while running water, medical services, and warm food was deemed unnecessary, McFarland did not skimp on towels ($18,208) and carpeting ($260,000) for his tents, which also totaled $470,000. “It was just the idea of a 20-something who unraveled,” a federal source told “Page Six”. “The moral of the story is that no one looking to dupe consumers goes and purchases such benign products at tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, they would take the money and run.” Heed that advice in prison, buddy!

Fyre Festival Spent an Absurd Amount on Yacht for Blink-182