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Gina Rodriguez Implies Jane the Virgin Will End After Season 5

Gina Rodriguez. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for JumpLine

Jane, who’s definitely not a virgin anymore, may be nearing the end of her journey. According to Variety, Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez discussed at a SXSW panel how she would like to direct more episodes of the show. She said that after trying her hand with one episode this season, she’d like to “do more” next year, “in our final season.” The CW hasn’t yet made any pickups or announcements for returning shows next season. Still, Jane, currently in its fourth season, seems likely to be renewed, but unlikely to continue on indefinitely, given Rodriguez’s recent involvement in various higher-profile film projects (like Annihilation and her upcoming rom-com). The ending would also make sense story-wise, as showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman has said Jane follows a three-part structure, moving from part one to part two when Jane’s son Mateo was kidnapped in season one, and into a longer part three when Michael died in season three. Perhaps this’ll all end when we find out the identity of that chatty narrator.

Gina Rodriguez Implies Jane the Virgin to End After Season 5