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Here’s What Made Bill Hader Break the Hardest While Doing Stefon on SNL This Weekend

It’s well-documented how John Mulaney, that handsome rapscallion, would make a habit out of torturing Bill Hader when the two worked together on SNL. Mulaney would change the script for Stefon’s Weekend Update visits mere seconds before Hader would do the sketch live — effectively making him break character in almost every sketch. So it was pretty wonderful to see Mulaney himself swing by as Stefon’s lawyer (and “conceptual piss artist”) when Hader hosted SNL this week. Although, as evidenced by a brief moment of breaking when the two shared the stage together, Mulaney was once again up to some old tricks. “He whispered in my ear to make me laugh,” Hader explained to Seth Meyers. “He said, ‘My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl,’ which is a restaurant chain in L.A. What?!” Who knew fast-casual Japanese food could be so funny?

Here’s What Made Bill Hader Break While Doing Stefon on SNL