Jake Paul to Develop Late-Night-Style Talk Show on YouTube Red

According to The Hollywood Reporter Jake Paul, also known as the one who didn’t film the suicide victim in Japan (that was Logan), will host a new show on YouTube Red. The show will have the feel of a late-night variety show, though it’ll be on YouTube Red so you can just watch it whenever. This could be interesting, as the notorious vlogger is best known for antics that have terrorized his neighbors. However, the 21-year-old internet celebrity has shown signs of trying to rehabilitate his image after a rough year.

In addition to losing his role on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, Jake was accused of both bullying and being, shall we say, racially insensitive? But recently opening up on Good Morning America he told Michael Strahan he sees himself as “an imperfect role model.” He then traveled to Florida in the wake of the Parkland shooting to try and end guns or something. So it will be interesting to see which side of Paul is featured on the show, which YouTube seems quick to assure us is still just a pilot: “Last year, we engaged in early development deals with a handful of YouTube creators as part of our normal process to evaluate new creative ideas,” a spokesperson told THR. “There is no series order currently in place.”

Jake Paul to Host Late-Night-Style Talk Show on YouTube Red