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David Byrne Thinks Jared Kushner Would Be the Perfect Modern Greek Tragedy, Which, Yeah

While one could reasonably make a case that Jared Kushner’s life mirrors the lyrics of “Once in a Lifetime” a little too close for comfort at times, David Byrne is willing to save the obvious beautiful house and beautiful wife jokes and do you one better: What if he just gave Kushner his own musical instead? “If I wrote from his point of view, you have to get the audience to buy into what he’s feeling, and obviously he has a face of stone,” Byrne, who knows a thing or two about writing musicals, explained on The Late Show. “I think his thing is, I can’t let what happened to my daddy happen to me. Daddy went to jail for doing some bad things. It’s like a Greek tragedy. Everything that Jared does takes him closer to what happened to daddy. He can’t stop it.” Really, we can taste the music and lyrics at this point: Everything I do, it’s a magnet pulling me into my fate! / The fates are going, you’re going to relive your father’s sins! It’s sold out already.

David Byrne Says Jared Kushner’s Life Is Ideal for Broadway