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Jeff Goldblum, Uh, Teases That Laura Dern, Um, Might Be in a Future Jurassic World Movie

Leave it to Jeff Goldlbum to promise that the one Jurassic Park actor more exciting than Jeff Goldblum might appear in the Jurassic World universe. After telling Entertainment Tonight that Laura Dern might appear in a future installment of the resurrected franchise, Goldblum doubled down on Watch What Happens Live. “I can’t divulge anything,” he said, “but maybe maybe maybe she will.” Goldblum went on to explain that after the forthcoming sequel, in which he makes an appearance, there’ll be a third movie “which, you know, some people may or may not be in, that’s all I can say.” Question is: Is Goldblum telling the truth, or are these Jurassic Little Lies?

Jeff Goldblum: Laura Dern Might Be in a Jurassic World Movie