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Jennifer Lawrence Tried — Unsuccessfully — to Seem Sober at The Red Sparrow Premiere

Even though Jennifer Lawrence openly hates doing press, she’s unfailingly great television when she’s forced to promote a new movie. As the Red Sparrow star has made clear, drinking helps her get through the media circuit, and talk show hosts are only too happy to help her take the edge off with rounds of booze. With that in mind, Lawrence explained on Ellen today that back-to-back stops at Watch What Happens Live (where Andy Cohen gave her wine and a few Real Housewife drinking companions) and The Late Show (where Stephen Colbert poured her a steady stream of rum) left her “hammered” by the time she reached the premiere for Sparrow on Monday night. When confronted with her extremely severe red carpet photos, Lawrence, with tropical rum drink in hand, tried to flee the scene wearing one shoe:

Before explaining to her host that she wasn’t furious or uncomfortable but simply trying to appear as sober as possible. “That was you trying not to look drunk?” Ellen asked. “Wow. It would have been better just to look drunk.”

Treat yourself to the rest of the interview to hear Lawrence explain her vacation-drunk alter ego, Gail.

JLaw Explains Being ‘Hammered’ at Red Sparrow Premiere