John Oliver Compares NRATV’s Programming to a “Deranged Letter from a Serial Killer’

A growing list of companies have cut ties with the NRA since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, but during last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver focused on one aspect of the NRA that tech companies like Amazon, Apple, and Roku are still supporting: its free streaming network NRATV. Oliver delves into NRATV’s programming, like its women-focused and completely real shows like Armed & Fabulous, Love at First Shot, and a QVC-style gun and gun accessory shopping program. Oliver’s take: “Girl, you don’t even need a gun, because people are going to die when they see that bag!”

Oliver also focuses on the “flowery, vaguely threatening tone” and the “bleak vision of America” that define NRATV’s voice in its more serious programming, plus the fact that, due to its many gun brand sponsors and being run by an ad agency, NRATV is essentially one big gun infomercial. “Having watched a shitload of NRATV’s programming, here is what I’ll say about it: There is a lot to be concerned about regarding the NRA’s activities, but NRATV might actually be the dumbest, most transparent thing that it does,” Oliver says. “Think about it this way: If the NRA is a ferocious bear charging at you, NRATV is that bear’s ridiculous hat. Is it eye-catching? Sure it is. Is it perversely entertaining? Absolutely. Is it the main thing you should be worried about? Probably not. Because the real truth here is, hat or no hat, it is imperative that everyone keep their eyes on that fucking bear.”

John Oliver Compares NRATV’s Programming to a […]