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John Oliver Wants You to Buy His Gay Rabbit Children’s Book Instead of Mike Pence’s Decidedly Not-Gay Rabbit Children’s Book

Mike Pence and his family, if you don’t know, have a pretty cute pet rabbit named Marlon Bundo. He’s so fluffy and cute, in fact, that you may be inclined to snuggle that li’l ball of leporidae to death. Even John Oliver recognizes his cuteness, as he was ready to crown the bunny as the most likable thing about the VP on Last Week Tonight, before realizing the Pences’ new children’s book about him, Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President, was doing a book-tour stop at an anti-LGBTQ organization. “Congrats Pence, you even managed to ruin Marlon Bundo,” Oliver quipped. “None of us can enjoy a book about your rabbit. Or can we?”

Well, in a complete coincidence that definitely wasn’t orchestrated months in advance for a perfectly timed drop, Oliver released another book with the same fluffy protagonist titled A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, but with some fundamental differences between the two stories. “Our story is about Marlon Bundo falling in love with another boy rabbit, because our Marlon Bundo is gay, just like the real Marlon Bundo,” Oliver gleefully explained. The book is real and genuinely meant for children, with a bunch of lovely celebs providing the audiobook narration (yas RuPaul!). All of the proceeds will also go to organizations supporting LGBTQ communities, with Oliver joking how “selling more books then Pence will probably really piss him off.” It’s already No. 1 on Amazon, as if you had any doubts — followed by James Comey’s memoir A Higher Loyalty in the second position, which is due out in mid-April.

John Oliver Releases Gay Version of Mike Pence’s Rabbit Book