Grab Your Mops, Joy Mangano’s Life Is Getting the Broadway Treatment

Jennifer Lawrence in Joy. Photo: 20th Century Fox

Think of all of the mop-tastic choreography in our future! Joy Mangano, successful inventor and Queen of QVC, will soon be getting her life turned into a Broadway musical. Mangano has signed away her life rights to tell her story on Broadway, a tale you may recall from the 2015 Joy biopic starring Jennifer Lawrence. “Being the subject of a Broadway musical is more than a dream come true for me. I’m a local Long Island girl,” Mangano said in a statement. “I just used to dream of coming into town to see a Broadway musical — much less to be the subject of one!” Not much else is currently known about the show, except it’ll be spearheaded by Broadway megaproducer Ken Davenport. And that, likely, there will be many huggable hangers and mini-steamers.

Joy Mangano’s Life Is Getting the Broadway Treatment, Too