Kevin Nealon Chats with “Very Polite Risk-Taker” Will Forte on ’Hiking with Kevin’

Kevin Nealon dropped the latest episode of his web series Hiking with Kevin this week, and if you’re a fan of Nealon’s guest Will Forte (And who isn’t?), you’re gonna have a good time. Nealon and Forte chat about the importance of all meals, the time Forte got arrested, his thoughts on marriage, drinking, and being a polite person – plus Forte answers a ton of Nealon’s super-specific questions like “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever coughed up?” and “Did you ever rescue somebody that was choking?” and “Are you a good apologist?” Forte also tells Nealon about the time he auditioned for Saturday Night Live, which included characters and impersonations like Joni Mitchell, Michael McDonald, Martin Sheen with a cold, and a gold robot street performer who shares a very dark secret. Check out the full episode above.

Kevin Nealon Chats with “Very Polite Risk-Taker” Will […]