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Lana Del Rey Announces Her Radiohead Dispute Is Over: ‘Well, F*ck!’

Lana Del Rey. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As the old saying goes, the legal battle isn’t over until Lana Del Rey announces, “well, fuck.” While performing at the Lollapalooza festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil, over the weekend, Lana Del Rey performed her song “Get Free,” which, according to a copyright dispute from Radiohead (they have denied filing a formal lawsuit), bears similarities to their song “Creep.” Before starting the song Del Rey announced: “Now that my lawsuit’s over, I guess I can sing that song anytime I want, right?” and because she’s Lana Del Rey, she then proceeds to take a long puff on a cigarette and stare out into infinity. After rumors of a dispute circled for months, Del Rey first claimed Radiohead was asking for 100 percent of the songs publishing rights in a tweet back in January despite her attempts to diffuse the situation by offering 40 percent. Del Rey’s and Radiohead’s people have not yet formally commented on the end of the dispute.

Lana Del Rey Announces Her Radiohead Dispute Is Over