Feel Your Crush on Michael B. Jordan Deepen as He Vows to Adopt Inclusion Riders

Michael B. Jordan. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marvel

Michael B. Jordan, continuing to move the goal posts farther and farther for all other men to reach, is committing to inclusion riders. As Frances McDormand now famously explained at the recent Academy Awards, an inclusion rider is a contractual amendment that states, “You can ask for and/or demand at least 50 percent diversity in, not only casting, but also the crew.” McDormand talked about her shot-her-round Hollywood comment in the press room after she won her Oscar for Best Actress, and said she had only just learned about it a week before the ceremony. Now that Michael B. Jordan has heard of it, too, his production company Outlier Society will be requiring it for all projects they develop. The nation’s leading wearer of sweaters made the announcement on Instagram.

Michael B. Jordan Will Now Be Requiring Inclusion Riders