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Adam Pally Really Wants to Save Rachel Bloom’s Life in Most Likely to Murder Trailer

In Most Likely to Murder, Adam Pally plays Billy, a semi-washed-up guy who used to be the big man on campus back in his high-school days. Back then, Billy used to date Kara (Rachel Bloom), and when he sees her walk into a bar one night and into his adult life, his parade gets rained on when her boyfriend Lowell (Vincent Kartheiser) shows up. Determined to prove himself to Kara once again, Billy launches an investigation into Lowell’s life when he thinks he sees him commit a murder (hard to say, though, since Billy was pretty sauced when the alleged crime took place). Can Billy protect Kara? Is Billy going to end up on Lowell’s kill list? Is Lowell even a murderer at all? Find out when Most Likely to Murder starts streaming on May 1.

Adam Pally Tries to Solve a Crime in Most Likely to Murder