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Hear Stewie’s ‘Real’ Voice in Sunday’s New Family Guy Episode

If you thought it odd a preschooler born and raised in Rhode Island would have a British accent, it turns out your skills of perception are razor sharp. In Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, Sir Ian McKellen guests as Dr. Cecil Pritchfield, a child psychologist dispatched to counsel Stewie after the Griffin child does something terrible to a preschool classmate. Allowing himself to be vulnerable after admitting his life is a morass of loneliness, Stewie reveals his “real” voice. Don’t worry. It’s not the voice of an actual kid, a choice that would have probably sent everyone to a psychologist, child or otherwise. Instead, Stewie sounds like his father’s son. You shouldn’t worry about one therapy session creating a softer, gentler Stewie either. As the end of the episode reaffirms, this boy is still extremely evil.

Hear Stewie’s ‘Real’ Voice in New Family Guy Episode