oscars 2018

Nicole Kidman Crashed Sandra Bullock’s Red-Carpet Oscars Interview to Reminisce About Practical Magic

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

It’s always nice when old friends get together for a chat on national television. So ended Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock’s red-carpet experience at this year’s Oscars, when Kidman came over to surprise and nuzzle up to Bullock during her interview with ABC. “This is a woman I love!” Kidman mused after she crashed the chat. “When we shot [Practical Magic] together, I asked her to get some tequila. She came back with her own tequila but we drank it anyway,” Bullock responded with a laugh, prompting Kidman to proclaim: “I love that movie, I showed that movie to my kids. It’s a little above them, we were really good sisters!” But perhaps Bullock put it best before they walked into the ceremony: “I think we are, and we’re really good drinkers, too.” Prove it with a sequel, you two.

Kidman, Bullock Use Oscars Interview to Talk Practical Magic