judgmental fish nuns

Finally, You Can Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Wild Fish-Nun Party

Nuns gone wild. Photo: Industrial Light & Magic/Lucasfilm

No matter what you think about The Last Jedi, the indisputable highlight of the movie was the presence of the caretakers, a.k.a. the judgmental fish-nuns Rey encounters while training on Ahch-To. As it turns out, those nuns might not have been so judgmental after all. In a deleted scene from the film that has previously been described in tantalizing detail online, Rey rushes to save a fish-nun village that Luke has told her is under attack — only to discover that there’s no problem whatsoever, they’re just having a party! It’s a great little Jedi lesson in … not killing the vibe? Anyway, the point is that we get to see the fish-nuns at their happiest, twirling little slings around, playing bagpipes, and dancing like they’re in Sister Ahch-To (say it out loud).

Now You Can Watch The Last Jedi’s Wild Fish-Nun Party