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Johnny Weir Is Not Not Jealous of Adam Rippon, According to Adam Rippon

Evgenia versus Alina was the chilliest on-ice feud at this year’s Winter Olympics, but off the ice, a silent war was waged between Adam Rippon and Johnny Weir. They were pitted against each from the start, with rumors spreading that Rippon’s popularity was ruffling Weir’s sequined feathers. So, what’s the tea? Was Weir actually jealous? “Maybe,” Rippon cheekily responded on Watch What Happens Live. “I mean, I’m not coming for his job.” Rippon did decline a correspondent gig at NBC while still in Pyeongchang. He also notes that the two had very little interaction at the Olympics, but that they’ve been civil in the past because Rippon credits Weir for paving the way to his current stardom. But that was then — will he come for Weir’s job now? Eh, he’d rather embrace his true calling: sipping Old Fashioneds with the Real Housewives (and Shawn Mendes.)

Adam Rippon Spills the Tea on Rumored Feud With Johnny Weir