oscars 2018

The Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Movie-Theater Bit

Nothing says “we’re definitely keeping the Oscars at a solid three-hour runtime” quite like a random five-minute trip to a movie theater across the street from the Dolby! Host Jimmy Kimmel and a gaggle of celebs did just that tonight, despite a previous jet-ski-related plea to the winners to keep their speeches short. Let’s revel in the adorableness — or awkwardness, depending on your taste — of these A-listers barging in on a screening of A Wrinkle In Time to dole out snacks and words of cinematic encouragement to unsuspecting viewers. After all, what is “movie magic” if not being served a ridiculously long sub on a platter by Guillermo del Toro?

Ansel Elgort really loved his hot-dog canon.

Mark Hamill finally got to introduce himself to Gal Gadot.

Gadot assured us she has never before been in the same room as a joint.

And spoke a dark truth.

But a bearded man named Mike spoke up to remind us why we were watching this whole thing in the first place (for the fistfuls of Junior Mints).

Every Bizarre Moment Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Theater Bit