2018 oscars

Well Damn, Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster Tattled on Meryl Streep’s Bullying at the Oscars

Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: Getty Images

No need to wonder why Jodie Foster was on crutches while presenting at the Oscars this year. Foster was more than happy to be transparent about the source of her injury, and it was all thanks to a woman named Meryl Streep. Ugh, and to think we ever considered her a national treasure. “She I Tonya-ed me,” Foster joked in the lead-up to Best Actress. “But I prefer not to discuss it.” Streep even had a run-in with poor Jennifer Lawrence, but they both managed to get past their animosity and live to tell the tale. For now, at least.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster Say Meryl’s a Bully