Please Enjoy James Adomian’s SXSW Bernie Sanders Town Hall

Fresh off his Daily Beast interview that led to Alec Baldwin freaking out on Twitter and blocking anyone who dared to agree with Adomian’s sentiments, comment on it, or even just tweet the link, James Adomian shared a delightful clip this week from his Town Hall show at SXSW in character as Bernie Sanders. Speaking to the audience as well as special guests Chris Garcia, Avery Moore, and Dave Anthony, Adomian’s Sanders shares plenty of statistics, percentages, and interesting facts about himself (“My diet consists entirely of oatmeal and raw data”) including some of his favorite apps he uses on a daily basis like Numbers with Friends (“It’s not a game – you just share interesting statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics”), Snapchart (“It’s exactly like Snapchat, but you can only share graphical statistics”), and CloseTable: “It finds any billionaires who have made reservations and it automatically cancels the reservations so they have to eat at Chipotle like the rest of us!” Watch the full Town Hall video above.

Please Enjoy James Adomian’s SXSW Bernie Sanders Town […]