If Anyone Can Hook Adam Rippon Up With Shawn Mendes, It’s Ellen

Free tip: If you’re going to reveal your celebrity crushes to one person, don’t save it for your therapist. Hit up professional matchmaker to the stars, Ellen DeGeneres, and let the world listen in. U.S. figure skater and Olympic darling Adam Rippon, a fast learner at fame, is already on it. Appearing on Ellen on Wednesday — a moment he’s waited all 28 years of his life for — he spilled the tea: He’s been sleeping on, not with, Shawn Mendes, but if Ellen can somehow arrange the latter, that’d bring him more pleasure than any gold medal ever could, honey. And although his allegiance to Harry Styles has clearly shifted (“love’s a funny thing”), listen, this bed’s big enough for three.

Please Let Ellen Hook Adam Rippon Up With Shawn Mendes