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Watch SNL’s Jurassic Park Auditions for Bill Hader’s Al Pacino Alone

For the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park, Universal is opening up its (fake) archives, offering fans a glimpse at the early auditions. Saturday Night Live uncovered a handful of extremely 1990s screen tests, sure to inspire at least one full afternoon of a sliding-doors rabbit hole: What would’ve happened if Gwen Stefani played the teen girl, or if Notting Hill–era Hugh Grant played Dr. Alan Grant? SNL’s lineup includes celeb impressions of Al Pacino (“All right, which dinosaur do I buy the cocaine from?”), a yelling Adam Sandler, a pre–If I Did It O.J. Simpson, a confused Lisa Kudrow, and more.

Watch this SNL Sketch for Bill Hader’s Al Pacino Alone