See the Trailer for Facebook Watch’s Wild New Show The Tattoo Shop

The future of television is deciding which tattoos people you don’t know are going to get from the comfort of your Facebook page. In Facebook Watch’s new series The Tattoo Shop, tattoo artists Ami James (Miami Ink, NY Ink), Chris Nunez (Ink Master, Miami Ink), Chris Garver (Miami Ink), Darren Brass (Miami Ink), and Tommy Montoya (NY Ink) band together to open a new shop, Liberty City Tattoo, in Wynwood, Miami. Premiering March 15 with new episodes every Thursday after that, the series “showcases the incredible talent of these tattoo pioneers as they push visual boundaries while dipping into the next generation of up and coming tattoo artists.”

Every Friday night starting March 16, the show will host “Mystery Tattoo,” in which “one client who is either willing or crazy enough, agrees to get a tattoo, chosen by the Facebook viewers.” Apparently those viewers can vote on everything from the design to the body part the tattoo appears on. Best-case scenario: A bunch of older Facebook users vote to put puppies on everyone. Worst case: Someone’s penis gets covered in memes.

Finally, on Mondays starting March 19, The Tattoo Shop will release a weekly showcase of “Street Stories,” a man-on-the-street segment where people share the stories behind their tattoos — like, for instance, “this one was what the people on Facebook made me get.”

See the Trailer for Facebook Watch’s The Tattoo Shop