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Seth Meyers Imagines the Picture Trump Might Have Sent Stormy Daniels

While some comedians might look at the headline “Porn Star Sues President” and think, “That’s enough for a full ten minutes of jokes,” Seth Meyers is here to take a more detailed approach. The Late Night host used his “Closer Look” segment to dive into the legal documents actress Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) filed against Donald Trump, with whom she allegedly had an affair. Clifford, who was reportedly paid $130,000 in “hush money” by Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, is suing the president because she claims he did not sign her nondisclosure agreement. According to the lawsuit, as a condition of the agreement she is not allowed to speak about the relationship nor share any pictures or text messages she had from Trump. “So we are looking at the very real possibility that Donald Trump sent Stormy Daniels a dick pic,” Meyers said. “Can you even imagine?” As it were, Meyers has imagined it — vividly. “It would look like a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto sitting on a Brillo Pad,” Meyers joked. Now try to get that image out of your mind.

Seth Meyers Imagines Possible Pic Trump Sent Stormy Daniels