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Seth Meyers Says Trump Approaches Gun Policy ‘Like He’s at a Rewrite Table for a New Die Hard Movie’

As Donald Trump continues to offer contradicting proposals to address gun violence in the wake of the Parkland shootings, one theme seems to have emerged, at least according to Seth Meyers. Trump, who at one point suggested that schools should be “hardened” but then said you might need to “send a tractor through the walls” to save people, mostly sounds “less like he’s at a White House meeting and more like he’s at a rewrite table for a new Die Hard movie.” Well, he does think of himself as an action hero. In other news, Meyers also addressed Ben Carson’s spending and getting his security clearance downgraded, mostly because he’d definitely join up if a foreign government asked him to become a member of the PEN15 club.

Seth Meyers: Trump Approaches Guns Like a Die Hard Movie