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SNL Cast Members Are So Excited for Bill Hader to Host They’re Rapping About It

Whenever a Saturday Night Live alum returns to the program as a host it feels like a special reunion. Though Pete Davidson and Chris Redd were never on cast with this Saturday’s returnee Bill Hader — he left in 2013, before Davidson and Redd joined the show in 2014 and 2017, respectively — they certainly have a lot of feelings about the longtime cast member. In a new promo for this weekend’s upcoming episode the two rap about their admiration for Hader. “My favorite host, I love him more than my real dad,” Redd raps. Meanwhile, Davidson gets in a bit of trivia with his verse, saying, “He got me my job. I owe him my [beep]-ing life.” This bit is true — Hader recommended Davidson to SNL producer Lorne Michaels after they both appeared in Trainwreck together, however the Documentary Now! star doesn’t seem to happy about the connection in this video.

SNL Cast Members Rap About Bill Hader Returning to Host