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SNL’s Betsy DeVos Tries to Defend Her Credibility, But Can Only Muster ‘I Do Not Do a Good Job’

Following her less-than-ideal 60 Minutes sit-down last week, Betsy DeVos thought it would be a great idea to continue her media train wreck with the folks over at Weekend Update, where she was given another chance to discuss the education topics most important to her. And if you thought that finally meant receiving articulate answers about America’s school system, you clearly don’t know DeVos at all! The abridged version: Give Louisiana crocodile crossing guards! Kids, stop being trans in North Carolina! Let schools defend themselves by using the tried-and-true Home Alone method! “I think the problem is the words that were coming out of my mouth were bad and that is because they came from my brain,” she rationalizes. “I do not do a good job and I can’t, because I don’t know how.”

SNL’s Betsy DeVos Tries to Defend Her Credibility