Springsteen’s Having a Such Nice Time on Broadway He’s Just Gonna Stick Around Until December

Broadway’s Bruce Springsteen Photo: Robert DeMartin

At first, Bruce Springsteen was only going to appear on Broadway for eight weeks starting last fall, but now, like a tourist lost on the way to Wicked, he’s going to be here for much longer than expected. Springsteen has extended the run for his acclaimed one-man show for a third time, all the way until December of this year, adding 81 additional performances between July 10 and December 15. We get it, performing in such an intimate venue is a lot less stress than performing in a giant stadium! Everyone likes the show! You’re probably going to get some sort of special Tony for this! Still, we’re concerned that anyone who has other options has willingly chosen to spend this much time in the theater district.

Springsteen’s Gonna Stick Around on Broadway Until December