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Steven Spielberg, Always Distracted by the Next Cool Idea, Might Do a Leonard Bernstein Movie Now

So many ideas! Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the further adventures of not being able to make up his mind, Steven Spielberg seems really interested in doing a Leonard Bernstein movie now. Per Variety, the director, who’s supposedly casting a West Side Story remake right now (and developing a 19th-century kidnapping movie and working on Indiana Jones 5) held a secret table read this week of a biopic of Bernstein, the conductor and composer who also wrote the music for West Side Story. Is this a sign that Spielberg’s found himself a new project? Maybe. Maybe he just wants to hang out with the gang from The Post again. Maybe he has trouble making up his mind about anything and this is all very stressful for Tony Kushner, who’s supposed to be writing half of these scripts. The point is, if Spielberg needs any help contacting Bernstein’s ghost for his opinion, the New York Times knows some rich kids who could help.

Steven Spielberg Might Do a Leonard Bernstein Movie Now