The Rain Teaser: Danish Teens Flee Toxic Precipitation in Netflix’s New Series


The Rain is the first Danish original series for Netflix, and it follows a group of teens trying to survive in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia after a savage virus wipes out almost everyone in the region. The pathogen was brought in on the rains, making the skies themselves an enemy to those who have survived. The story opens on a pair of siblings who have been cloistered away in a bunker for six years, and come out only to find civilization destroyed. They band together with a group of other young survivors trying to make a life for themselves amid the rubble and trying to avoid the rain at all costs. Which, honestly, sounds like a lot issues teenagers are dealing with pre-apocalypse. You can relate to the teens of The Rain starting May 4.

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The Rain Teaser: Danish Teens Flee Toxic Precipitation