‘The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Heads to a March for Our Lives Counter-Demonstration in Montana

While late night hosts Jordan Klepper and Samantha Bee were attending March for Our Lives in Washington DC over the weekend, Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. was busy checking out a very different event. In this segment from last night’s Daily Show, Wood heads to Helena, Montana to attend a March for Our Lives counter-demonstration where people were calling for less gun control and more teachers with guns and clear backpacks. “A lot of these guys are just crisis actors, they really are though,” a woman tells Wood, referring to the Parkland students-turned-activists. “So you don’t think they’re actual students of Parkland?” Wood asks her, adding, “Nikolas Cruz – how did he know how to target specifically the school where the crisis actors were attending?”

‘The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Heads to a March for […]