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Jordan Klepper Takes The Opposition to D.C. to Chaperone Student Activists

Comedy Central’s The Opposition With Jordan Klepper hit the road tonight, taping their show from the living room of a Rockville-based high-school student organizer ahead of this weekend’s March for Our Lives Rally in Washington, D.C. With high schoolers, their parents, and other rallygoers in the audience, Klepper and his team “chaperoned” the teenage activists as they made signs and prepared for a weekend of action, making sure to “keep six inches between them and actual change.”

The episode also included a segment by one of the show’s “citizen journalists” Kobi Libii, who visited a school in Baltimore and spoke with kids there about their experience losing eight classmates in one year to gun violence. The show will continue to tape in the D.C. area through the weekend, and, as they put it, “chaperone democracy.”

The Opposition Chaperones Student Activists in D.C.