‘The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper, Tim Baltz, and Kobi Libii Head to CPAC to Talk Guns

If you’re not familiar with what went down at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, don’t worry, because The Opposition ran a segment last night that tells you everything you need to know. Jordan Klepper headed down to the event alongside Tim Baltz and Kobi Libii to meet conservative figures like ex-sheriff David Clarke, NRA president Wayne LaPierre, and Chris Loesch, plus chat with a bunch of CPAC attendees about their thoughts on the Second Amendment and arming teachers at a time when teenagers like the Florida mass shooting survivors are fighting for gun control laws. “The Constitution is famously unamendable,” Libii tells an attendee. “Correct!” he responds. “I’m constantly telling that to my slaves!” Libii adds. Klepper also sums up the issue pretty well: “Democracy is about balancing two equally valid points. On one side, you have children who want to live to see the end of the school year. On the other side, you have people who want to own three AR-15s. Both equally valid!”

‘The Opposition’s Jordan Klepper, Tim Baltz, and Kobi […]