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Everything That’s Happened on This Is Us, in Chronological Order

Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack.

With This Is Us season two in the books, the history of the Pearson clan looks very different than it did when we first started this emotional journey. We now have a clearer picture of what makes the Pearsons tick — especially in regards to the tragedy that befell its patriarch. (Still not over it.) As the show continues to fill in Pearson family milestones, Vulture will sort the timeline-jumping drama out for you in a chronological fashion. (It’s so Randall of us, isn’t it?) Here is a list of the major This Is Us moments, from beginning to end. We’ve added actual dates where we can, but not every moment has an exact date. Hey, This Is Us likes to be mysterious!

Jack’s grandfather arrives in New York City.
As Kevin (Justin Hartley) explains, the man has a son who has a son who has the Big Three. So he’s the dude who is to blame for all the crying. Mystery solved.

William Hill’s father dies overseas and leaves behind a pregnant war widow.
But not before singing the sweetest version of “You Are My Sunshine.” It’s obvious where Young William (Jermel Nakia) gets his musical talent.

William Hill is born.
He’s born with the gift of poetry, and eventually uses it to achieve minor success while in a cover band with his cousin Ricky (Brian Tyree Henry). It is the first “almost” and “could’ve been” in a life full of them. Raise your hand if you downloaded William’s song “We Can Always Come Back to This” and listened to it on repeat. And if you didn’t, don’t judge.

Jack and his brother go on a fishing trip with their dad, but mostly just sit in the car.
That’s right, his brother.

Jack’s abusive dad leaves.
This guy is the king of jerks, but his awfulness did turn Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) into the perfect husband we know him to be. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, I guess?

William moves to Pittsburgh.
He promises his cousin that he’ll be back once he tends to his sick mother, but we all know that never happens. This is a huge move which sets into motion … well, everything.

December 1, 1969: Jack gets drafted to the Vietnam War at age 25.
Here’s what we know about Jack’s time in the Vietnam War: He and his brother Nicky served there together. His brother Nicky dies there. And someone over there gave him a necklace with the Buddhist symbol of purpose on it. That necklace becomes very important in 1997 and 2017.

Jack returns from the Vietnam War.
After working as a mechanic during the war, Jack has to move back in with his parents. (Yes, his awful dad is back.) He’s forced to take a series of odd jobs that are at times deflating, but also lead to the moment when …

Jack and Rebecca meet!
It’s a tale as old as time: Rebecca (Mandy Moore) saves Jack from a life of crime, and Jack saves Rebecca from a life of learning about stock options from a milquetoast finance guy.

Jack and Rebecca tie the knot at City Hall.
Flower crowns. Facial hair. Vows that make you believe in true love again. What were you expecting?

Jack and Rebecca celebrate their first anniversary in a very Jack and Rebecca way.
It’s basically a Pearson tradition now: Rebecca does something nice, and then Jack does something that blows Rebecca’s thing out of the water. This time they go bowling and Rebecca gives Jack a nicely bound journal of his doodlings. Jack turns the bowling alley into their own private dance floor.

William turns to drugs after losing his mother.
Sweet, soft-spoken William falls hard for Randall’s mother and pain-numbing drugs. Oh, William.

Jack gives Rebecca some red dish towels for Christmas.
The real gift is the bracelet inside those red dish towels, but the towels are much more important to our story. The towels are death.

January 20, 1980: Rebecca gets knocked up in a bar bathroom after Super Bowl XIV.
Probably not the only time Terry Bradshaw has acted as an aphrodisiac.

Jack and Rebecca learn they’re having triplets, proceed to freak out.
In order to be a provider for his growing family, Jack does the unthinkable and goes to his estranged father for money so he can afford a house in which the eventual family of five will fit. Meanwhile, we have to watch Jack be mistreated by this awful man again. Not a fun time for anyone involved.

Jack and Rebecca’s friendly neighbors gift them a slow cooker.

Another Jack and Rebecca anniversary extravaganza!
On their fourth anniversary, Rebecca gives Jack a hammer engraved with his name and Jack one-ups his wife by … giving her a piano. Like, we love the guy, but also we hate him, right?

August 31, 1980: Happy 36th birthday, Jack Pearson! And welcome to the world, Big Three!
For the big day in 1980, Jack receives a gross banana-nut muffin/Twinkie-filling cupcake concoction, a pseudo lap dance from his pregnant wife, and the most intense roller coaster of emotions in experiencing the elation at the birth of his children, the devastating loss of one child, and the hopefulness in recovery brought by finding baby Randall in need of a family. This is a very big day.

Dr. K and Firefighter Joe find ways to heal.
Thanks to the divine intervention of the Pearson family, Dr. K (Gerald McRaney) can finally move on from his paralyzing grief over the loss of his wife and goes on a very cute date with a very cute lady from the neighborhood. Firefighter Joe (Brian Oblak), realizing the baby dropped off at the station will not solve his marital problems, does the right thing by little Randall and then goes home to start rebuilding his marriage.

Rebecca meets Randall.
Jack was all in the moment he laid eyes on baby Randall, but Rebecca needed convincing. Eventually, she has a chat with that little man — the first of so many lovely heart-to-hearts between them — and she is in love. So are we.

Rebecca meets William.
Unable to connect with her adopted newborn, Rebecca seeks out the man she believes to be his biological father. He’s in a very bad way, but still offers some helpful advice: Rebecca should give the baby his own name, not the name meant for the baby she lost. He also hands her a book of poetry by his favorite poet, Dudley Randall. You see where this is going, yes?

The Pearsons officially adopt Randall.
It’s not easy, but one year and an arts-and-crafts family photo later, Randall belongs to Jack and Rebecca in their hearts and in the eyes of the law. Speaking of eyes, are yours welling up too?

William gets arrested for possession, but gets a reprieve.
A kindly judge is tired of seeing the same story play out over and over, and he wants to give William a chance to get clean and tell a different story. It works, mostly! William gets clean, stays clean, and because of this, he’s around when a certain biological child comes knocking.

Jack takes a desk job to make more money.
On one hand, it is soul crushing. On the other, Jack looks nice in an Oxford and tie.

Jack promises Rebecca he’ll be a “12” for her, melts hearts everywhere.
After Rebecca gives Jack an ultimatum that he stop the drinking or else, Jack gets his act together, makes a big romantic speech, and wins Rebecca’s forgiveness. He also gives her that moon necklace — you know, the one she promises to never take off. This is all lovely and swoony, but almost immediately Jack gets a call from his boss and the real-world stressors that lead to him hitting the bottle don’t seem to care much about a big, romantic speech.

The Pearsons buy a shiny new Jeep Grand Wagoneer (because salesmen are helpless against a good Jack Pearson speech).
This may also be a bit of a continuity error. When the Pearsons buy the car, Rebecca is wearing moon necklace. But Jack already has the Wagoneer the day he goes boxing and to the talent show, which seems to be the same day as the morning Jack gives Rebecca her necklace. Since the Pearsons have suffered enough, let’s say the talent show is a different day than the “I’ll be a 12 for you” speech, okay?

Jack visits Little Kate at school, all humans weep.
It’s a very intense conversation! Little Kate knows something is up with her dad, so she grabs his face! Jack talks to her about marrying the luckiest guy in the world and that he’ll be there! Spoiler: HE WILL NOT BE THERE.

Jack takes up boxing in order to fight his drinking problem.
Hot Sad Dads box, it’s just their thing.

The Pearsons attend an extremely awkward school talent show.
Little Kate is so intimidated by her mother’s talent and overbearing enthusiasm, she gives up singing without even trying. Meanwhile, everyone thinks it’s cool for Kevin to do a terrible Mr. T impression. Sophie likes it, so that’s something.

May 27, 1988: “Weird Al” Yankovic releases “Lasagna,” delights the Pearsons.
Delights all of us, really.

July 1988: There’s a heatwave in Pittsburgh, and the Pearsons meet Yvette.
The gang heads to the local pool for a healthy dose of drama. Randall (Lonnie Chavis) makes friends with some of the other black kids at the pool, but one of the mothers, Yvette (Ryan Michelle Bathe), doesn’t warm up to Rebecca and her parenting style very easily. Don’t worry, though — they become buddies!

Jack’s dad dies.
It happens while Jack is off on a Be Nicer to Your Brother, Kevin Camping Trip. Rebecca and Kate head to the nursing home, where Rebecca meets her father-in-law, Stanley, for the first time. They reach Jack before Stanley passes, but he wants nothing to do with his dad. Rebecca has to tell Stanley that Jack isn’t coming — she also mentions that Jack is a great father, despite what Stanley did to him. That’s Rebecca for you, harsh but truthful.

Jack gives up dreams of his own company so Randall can go to private school.
Plans for Big Three Homes construction company are shoved in the bottom of a drawer when it’s clear Randall needs the challenge of a prestigious private school. The kid solves Rubik’s cubes, for goodness sake!

Jack teaches Randall how to tie a tie.
We are all grateful for this.

The Pearson Thanksgiving traditions begin.
Creepy guys named Pilgrim Rick and gas station hot dogs covered in fake cheese have never seemed so lovely.

Rebecca meets William, the sequel.
So important, so sad. It brings to light Rebecca’s greatest fear: that Randall could, at any moment, be taken away from Jack and Rebecca. Her fierce need to protect her family is understandable, but it doesn’t make the look of heartbreak on William’s face easier to take when he receives Rebecca’s letter denying him any interaction with Randall. What Rebecca doesn’t know is that William follows her home that day. He almost knocks on the door, but thanks to three little bikes on the front lawn, he decides it’s not right to inject himself into Randall’s life. What a different story this would’ve been if the Big Three had put their bikes away LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO. Kids, am I right?

Randall joins a dojo, Jack proves that push-ups can make humans cry.
Just kidding! We’ve always known they can do that.

December 24, 1989: Kate needs an appendectomy.
Looky here: Dr. K turns up again, this time needing comfort from the Pearsons instead of the other way around. Both Kate (Mackenzie Hancsicsak) and Dr. K make it out just fine. Rebecca’s right: Nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve!

August 31, 1990: The Big Three celebrate the big 1-0.
It is a day of partying in which Rebecca and Jack learn that Randall is the most self-aware and self-assured 10-year-old on the planet, that Kate has some issues with her friends but not with voguing, and that Kevin (Parker Bates) is madly in love with Kate’s best friend, Sophie (Sophia Coto).

October 31, 1990: Kate holds Billy Palmer’s hand.
Billy Palmer’s hand, people! It’s thanks to a secret Halloween candy trade between Kevin and Billy, but Kate doesn’t need to know that.

October 31, 1990: Rebecca tells Randall about Kyle.
All Randall wanted to do was dress up as Michael Jackson and go on his meticulously planned trick-or-treating schedule, but instead he gets another heart-to-heart with a parent. That’s a real trick. But a very heart-warming, necessary one.

The Big Three get the chicken pox and Rebecca outs her mother as a racist.
Rebecca’s mother is the worst!

The Pearsons go to the cabin for the first time.
Equally important: This is when Randall gets his glasses. It’s also when Jack tells Kate that she’s his most favorite-looking person in the world and the world collectively rains down tears. And it’s the time when Kevin gets a snuggle session from his mother after feeling like the fifth wheel of the family. Kevin may not remember this, but we do. WE DO.

May 16, 1992: The kids beat Jack at his own gift-giving game.
The Big Three throw their parents an anniversary party complete with a meteor shower. Grand gestures run in the family.

Rebecca has a cancer scare and Jack introduces The Tree into the Pearson family history.
Rebecca ends up being fine, but not before Jack brings her to “his favorite tree” to calm her down. Of course, he made up the whole story about The Tree and only selected it because it was closest to a payphone, so they could wait there for her test results. It’s very cute and becomes an enduring part of the Pearson family story.

Rebecca joins her old band.
She feels alive again! Jack just feels threatened.

Kevin and Randall’s sibling rivalry boils over during a high-school football game.
All Randall (Niles Fitch) wants is the love and respect of his brother. All Kevin (Logan Shroyer) wants is to be left alone in his new basement bachelor pad. Teen Kevin is so mean! Not even Teen Randall’s offering of Yoo-hoo and Pop-Tarts melt his brother’s icy exterior.

Miguel gets a divorce.
The news from Miguel (Jon Huertas) throws both Jack and Rebecca into a bit of a spiral. Okay, it’s mostly just Jack, who realizes he and Rebecca have been getting complacent and he needs to fight for his marriage before he loses it. Rebecca, on the other hand, finds it upsetting but not upsetting enough to make her rethink her next big decision …

Rebecca decides to go on tour with her band.
Alongside her ex-boyfriend Ben (Sam Trammell), no less. Jack is less than enthused and his jealousy pushes him back to the bottle. Things are going downhill fast, people!

Rebecca leaves for her tour and Jack goes after her.
It sounds romantic until you realize Jack is completely drunk as he hops in the car to drive all the way to Cleveland to make things right with his wife. HOLD ME.

Rebecca and Jack decide to separate.
After an intense screaming match in which Rebecca admits to feeling like a ghost in her own life and Jack calls her “music career” ridiculous, they decide it is best to take a breather. They gather the Big Three for a family meeting and ruin diner breakfasts forever.

Rebecca and Jack decide not to separate.
It doesn’t take long for Rebecca to show up at Miguel’s door looking for her husband. They are Jack and Rebecca, dammit! They don’t give up on each other. That unconditional support will prove useful now that Jack admits he’s been drinking again. He’s an alcoholic and he needs help. Rebecca gets her reluctant husband in the car and promises him that in a few months, everything will be better. Spoiler alert: It will not.

Jack goes to Alcoholics Anonymous.
It’s a lot like Hot Sad Dad Boxing, but it may actually stick this time.

Rebecca Pulls a Jack Pearson on Jack Pearson.
Things are still rocky for the world’s most romantic couple, and since her man is struggling these days, Rebecca fills the role of Swooniest Person to Ever Swoon and takes Jack on a romantic date to get the ol’ firing going. At first, it bombs. But Jack finally begins to open up to Rebecca about some of the pain he’s feeling, and the two chat in the car. Then they do other stuff in the car. Jack Pearsoning always works!

Welcome, Louie the Dog!
Jack and Rebecca find a stray dog outside of their home. He is cute in an “I’m so ugly and mangy please love me” sort of way.

Kevin shatters his knee and his dream.
Kevin had a plan: Go to college to play football and then go pro. When he gets hurt during a high-school game and told he’ll never play again, it’s heartbreaking — even if the kid can be an ass. The only one who can really comfort him is his dad. Jack! If Jack could take on his son’s pain for him, he would. He passes on the Buddhist necklace he got while in Vietnam. That necklace is only halfway through it’s journey.

Rebecca discovers Kate secretly wants to go to Berklee School of Music for singing.
Rebecca also discovers that her daughter really, really resents her.

Randall visits Howard University and has never been happier.
Seriously, did you see how big that kid’s smile was while he was standing in the middle of the campus library? A LIBRARY. We know Randall’s a nerd and all, but still. He finally found a place where he felt normal.

Family mall trip!
It’s an eventful afternoon: We learn about Kate’s eating disorder, Randall asks Allison out with a Magic 8-Ball, Kevin realizes the sacrifices Jack has made for him, and Rebecca and Jack forget to pick up batteries for the smoke detectors in the house. That last one really hurts.

January 25, 1998: Super Bowl XXXII becomes everyone’s least favorite Super Bowl.
Jack and Rebecca spend the day getting shamed by a surly Kevin, ignored by Randall who skips the game to take Allison to see Titanic (and get his first kiss!), and Jack reminds his daughter that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Oh, then Jack places a red dish towel next to a faulty slow cooker and the Pearson house goes up in flames while the family is sleeping. REAL COOL DAY.

January 26, 1998: The Pearson house burns down … and Jack dies.
Jack is the superhero we always knew he was. He runs through fire to get Rebecca, Randall, and Kate safely out of the house and then goes back in to save Louie the Dog and some family mementos. It looks like he’s fine, but he goes to the hospital to get his burns checked out, and never leaves. While Rebecca is on the phone in the waiting room, Jack Pearson has a heart attack due to smoke inhalation complications and dies.

January 31, 1998: The Pearsons honor Jack exactly how he would’ve wanted.
Okay, so the funeral starts out very tense — especially between Randall and Kevin — but after a visit from Dr. K, things turn around. Rebecca takes the kids to The Tree to scatter Jack’s ashes, and then she tells them that Jack had bought them all tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert for that night. Jack loved the Boss. It just feels right.

The Year of Kate and Randall begins!
It includes lots of Hot Pockets, Sex and the City, and brother-sister bonding.

Deja is born.
Her mom Shauna is just 16 and relies on her grandma to take care of her and Deja, but when grandma dies, things really go downhill.

October 31, 2008: Welcome to the world, Tess Pearson!
You were named after a ceiling fan.

Kate and Kevin decide it’s time to get their lives together.
For Kate, that means she’s going to stop sleeping with married men, eating fast food while sitting outside the old Pearson house, and move to Los Angeles to live with her brother. Kevin is going to join an improv group. You would think Kate’s plan is the sound one, but it’s Kevin who ends up getting cast in a successful television show and making millions. Go figure.

Rebecca reconnects with Miguel.
2008 is a very sad year for Rebecca, who’s still learning how to live as a widow. Encouraged by friends to join Facebook so that she can stay connected with her kids and see pictures of her new granddaughter, Rebecca logs in. What do you know? She gets a message from Jack’s long lost best friend, Miguel. They haven’t seen each other in eight years. That’s about to change.

Deja enters the foster-care system.
Before she cuts her hand and Child Protective Services spot some red flags, Deja is watching The Man-ny, so this is pre-Kevin’s breakdown. She spends a lot of time being moved from home to home (and bed to bed) until she is reunited with her mother … and unfortunately, her mother’s deadbeat boyfriend.

August 31, 2016: Happy 36th birthday, Kevin, Kate, and Randall!
Welcome to the big twist, everyone else!

Kevin goes full Jerry Maguire on the set of The Man-ny.
He doesn’t know the human head weighs eight pounds, but he does know that he deserves more than a character whose basic function is to take off his shirt while tending to a child.

Kate meets Toby.
She cannot fall for a person like Toby (Chris Sullivan) right now, but guess what? She totally does.

Randall knocks on William’s door.
William (Ron Cephas Jones) says it best: That was some thing Randall did, knocking on his door. After a lifetime of searching, Randall finally tracks down his birth father and bangs on his door, looking to confront the man who gave him up. Randall wants to heal his own wounds, but little does he know, he’s saving William from giving in to his drug addiction one last time. Of course, the timing isn’t exactly perfect, since William is dying of cancer and only has a few months left. It’s not the first unfair thing in Randall’s life, nor will it be the last.

William and Annie have the cutest stairwell chat in history.
William wants to sneak out during his first night at Randall’s, so as not to cause problems, but little Annie catches him. They talk about being scared in new places and trying to be brave. It is so adorable, they really should have made a weekly podcast taped live from the stairs.

Sterling K. Brown calls Mandy Moore “mommy.”
All of our lives are forever changed.

Rebecca meets William, part three.
This time with 100 percent more wrinkles! Rebecca wants William to keep their secret just a little bit longer, until she finds the right time to tell Randall. Girl, there will never be a right time to tell your son you’ve been lying to him about his birth father for his entire life.

Kevin moves to New York City.
Knock, knock! It’s Uncle Kevin, here to stay in the basement at Randall’s house indefinitely so that he can try out the New York theater scene and become more than just the Man-ny.

Kate introduces Toby to Jack’s ashes.
The three of them watch the Steelers game together. Kate won’t say much about her father’s death, which eventually becomes a big problem for Toby, which eventually becomes a big problem for everyone else. Give the girl some space, dude!

Kate gets a new job … sort of.
It looks like Kate has finally started a life for herself when she takes a job assisting a woman (Jami Gertz) who runs charities or something of the sort. We’ve only really seen Kate in this role once. Is the biggest mystery of This Is Us how Kate has any money? Will this be the biggest twist of all?

Kevin finally calls Randall his brother.
It happens during a physical fight in the middle of New York City, but still, it is all Randall has ever wanted from Kevin. Let the fraternal healing begin!

William accidentally tells Beth that he’s met Rebecca.
In all fairness to William, he and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are totally high and he is moved by the poetry of Dudley Randall. But of course, Beth and Randall’s marriage is based on trust and not keeping secrets from one another, so she is in a tough spot. She tries to get Rebecca to tell Randall, but Rebecca doesn’t move fast enough.

November 24, 2016: Randall teaches us that a Thanksgiving Dad is a Hot Dad.
The greatest lesson to come out of This Is Us so far.

Kevin and Olivia Maine kiss.
Olivia (Janet Montgomery) is dark and twisty inside, but Kevin seems very into it. He calls the kiss one of the greatest of his life, but I’m pretty sure she was just in it for the pumpkin pie.

Kevin lets Miguel be Pilgrim Rick.
Of the three Pearson kids, Kevin’s relationship with stepdad Miguel is the most fraught. This not-so-small gesture of letting Miguel participate in Jack’s Thanksgiving tradition is a huge step for their relationship.

Kate dumps Toby and decides to get gastric bypass surgery.
Toby giving up on his diet is too much temptation for Kate to handle at the moment. She needs to focus on herself, so she kicks him to the curb. After a not-so-near-death experience on a plane, Kate decides life is too short and she wants to start living her best life immediately. Gastric bypass surgery, it is!

Randall discovers that Rebecca and William knew each other.
When Randall goes to William’s apartment to grab some music recordings that are part of his birth father’s Thanksgiving traditions, he happens upon Rebecca’s letter, which reveals her decision to never tell Randall about William. Randall confronts Rebecca at the Thanksgiving dinner table, tearing apart one of the most important relationships in his life.

Randall trips hard at the family’s cabin and chats with his dead father.
Hallucination Jack takes Randall’s face into his hands and tells his son that he was never a choice, he was a fact. He also tries to show Randall that Rebecca was constantly fighting to protect her family. Maybe that could offer some explanation as to her choices. Even in hallucinatory form, Jack Pearson is wonderful.

William tells Randall why he never came looking for him.
Who knew kids’ bicycles could be so moving?

Olivia goes off the grid and Kevin’s play is canceled.
Kevin is pretty upset about losing his love interest and his chance to become a “serious actor,” but everyone else, including the audience, is pumped because, geez, was Olivia Maine the worst or what?

William reconnects with his great love, Jesse.
These two guys! Jesse (Denis O’Hare) was heartbroken when William left to live at Randall’s without telling him, but is willing to forgive him as long as William promises not to shut him out anymore. Jesse wants as much time with him as William has left. Aww!

Kevin and Sloane decide to self-produce The Back of an Egg.
Terrible title be damned! The show must go on!

December 24, 2016: Randall talks a co-worker off the ledge.
Randall saves his suicidal colleague (Jimmi Simpson), but where did we land exactly with that boat purchase?

December 24, 2016: Toby collapses in Randall’s living room.
Toby flies out to New Jersey to try and win back Kate with a very lovely speech, but hours later he collapses to the floor. So it turns out Rebecca was wrong — bad things do happen on Christmas Eve!

Kate and Toby get engaged.
After Toby makes it through a second heart surgery, Kate unloads all of her feelings on the guy, assuming he is asleep. He’s not. He hears everything she says, including that part about wanting to marry him. He’d marry the hell out of her, too. And thus, an engagement!

William tells Randall he wants to stop his chemo treatments.
It is the beginning of the end.

Kate puts gastric bypass surgery on hold and goes to fat camp.
While in an aerobic drumming class (!), Kate has an emotional breakthrough and realizes that her weight issues are very much tied to the death of her father and her inability to deal with her grief and guilt. Don’t knock aerobic drumming class until you try it.

Kevin makes a grand, romantic gesture to win back … his ex-wife?
Kevin and his childhood sweetheart Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) divorced after he moved to Los Angeles and cheated on her, and they haven’t seen each other in 12 years. She’s hesitant, but he wins her over by taking her to their old haunts and professing his love for her in a dramatic speech. He really is his father’s son!

Randall teaches William how to drive.
Randall begrudgingly gives his father the gift of his perfect day: driving a cool car while wearing a new pair of shades, sipping on his favorite drink (an egg cream) with the music up and the windows down. What a cool cat that William Hill is.

Toby tells Kate they should slow down their marriage plans.
He doesn’t think they should be getting married if she can’t openly talk about her father’s death with him. Oh, Toby, so pushy.

Randall has an anxiety-induced breakdown on Kevin’s opening night.
The mounting pressure at work, the pile of responsibilities at home, not to mention the emotional stress of watching his birth father slowly die after just meeting him all becomes too much for Randall. He becomes paralyzed with stress in his own office. Thankfully, Kevin realizes what’s happening and rushes to his brother’s rescue — even though it means ditching opening night of his play. Brothers come first, finally.

Randall and William take a road trip to Memphis, where William dies cradled by his son.
“Roll all your windows down, Randall. Crank up the music. Grow out that fro. Let someone else make your bed.” Be right back, need to go slide down a wall while ugly crying.

Randall forgives Rebecca.
The Pearsons honor William’s memory with a plethora of breakfast foods, balloons, and confetti, and a nice stroll through the neighborhood while wearing fedoras. During this walk, Rebecca stops her son to once again say how sorry she is that she kept William from him, denying Randall more time with his birth father. She did it because she was scared, but she knows how selfish that was. It was enough time to know William loved him, Randall tells her. And that’s enough. This new peacefulness also seems to be in honor of William’s memory.

Kevin has a second shot at opening night.
He finally makes his big stage debut with The Back of an Egg’s opening night redux, and it is quite the success. Almost unbelievably, Ron Howard happens to be in the audience that night and he calls Kevin to offer him a part in his next movie. Too bad he just told Sophie that he realized he moved to New York City to be with her and that he won’t mess this up a second time. Sounds like some drama is afoot!

Kate (almost) opens up about Jack’s death.
William’s memorial brings on another swell of emotions for Kate regarding Jack’s death. It’s Randall who encourages her to finally deal with her grief by talking about it with the people she loves … including Toby. Later, Kate tells Toby that she has such a hard time talking about Jack’s death because it was all her fault.

Randall quits his job.
William’s greatest gift to his son was showing him that life is short and we should enjoy every moment we have. With that in mind, Randall shows up at work and tells his awful co-workers that he’s had enough. He’s going to live his life more like his father did — slow it down a little, go on more walks, talk to his mailman. It is a brave new world for Randall Pearson.

Randall decides to adopt.
Randall wants to adopt a baby to honor both his fathers, but Beth has a different idea: If they’re going to adopt, she wants to take in an older child who has been rejected by the world. A child who really needs them. It honestly is the better way to honor Jack and (especially) William. They’re going to become foster parents.

The world is forced to watch a grown man crawl around in a diaper.
By which we mean, the Pearson clan attends a very special taping of The Man-ny. No one knows why Kevin would want to do this, or why The Man-ny would allow him to do this, but we’ll go with it because it means all of our Pearsons are together in Los Angeles.

Kate has her first real singing gig!
She sings “Landslide” as Rebecca looks on with pride and maybe a tiny bit of jealousy. Rebecca is the last person Kate wants to see in the crowd, and afterward she basically tells her mother that she hates her for existing. You don’t know the whole story, Kate! Get off her perfectly postured back!

Beth and Randall make out in a Hollywood backlot and America’s collective knees go weak.
She has had enough of her husband Randall-ing out over caring for a child who has possibly been emotionally or physically abused, but then is reminded by Kevin that the only situation in which Randall has taken a risk is his relationship with Beth. Beth reminds Randall that together, they can do anything. She reminds him of this with nice words, but also with her mouth. Swoon!

Deja arrives!
Beth and Randall’s first foster child arrives with a lot of emotional baggage. Even Mr. Type A, always follow the plan Randall Pearson finds the transition difficult. There’s hair and hygiene issues, and a general unwillingness to connect on Deja’s part. She’s only 12, but the girl has been through a lot. Maybe Randall’s willingness to throw down at a bowling alley on her behalf will win her over.

Kevin injures his knee on set, begins his descent toward rock bottom.
The flare up of his old football injury and his co-star Sylvester Stallone’s insisting Kevin talk about his father drudges up a whole lot of emotion that he has worked his entire life to keep stuffed down. He begins taking pain pills to numb, well, everything. Things are about to get very bleak for Kevin Pearson.

Kate is pregnant!
Like most major life events, the news is exciting and wonderful but also terrifying. We’re all (cautiously) happy for Kate, but sad for ourselves because it means we have to watch Toby do a Flashdance routine in a coffee shop to a Hootie and the Blowfish song. None of that is made up, and it all seems very, very Toby.

The Pearson Brothers attend a charity gala.
Kevin embarrasses himself and Sophie as he spirals further down with his addiction, while Randall reaches a turning point with Deja. She has a very sweet crush on Kevin, so Randall agrees to take her to the event, where he learns about her rough time in other foster homes and why she flinches around Randall. If you’re keeping track, the evening is a loss for Kevin, but a major win for his brother.

Kate and Toby almost get married at City Hall.
Thanks to a nice chat with Urn Jack, Toby decides that skipping the big wedding is exactly the opposite of what Kate really wants. He re-proposes to her and gives us all the gift that is imagining Kate’s “ridiculously handsome brothers” walking her down the aisle. Can we get to that please? We’ve all been so good!

Kevin breaks up with Sophie.
On the very stoop where not too long ago he wooed the love of his life back with a grand gesture of swoon-y words. Salt, meet wound.

Kate has a miscarriage.
It’s devastating, but there are some silver linings: First, it bonds Kate and Rebecca together, and oof, did they need some bonding. The pain also makes Kate stronger — she’s not going to let this break her or her relationship with Toby. Finally, Kate and Toby decide they want to try again once they’re ready. It keeps the dream alive that Kate will have a little boy named Jack. WE NEED THAT, SHOW.

Kevin has a breakdown on the lawn of a one-night stand.
If you think that sentence is rough, try this one: While trying to get a prescription for fentanyl using a script he stole from that one-night stand, he realizes he lost his dad’s necklace — the one thing he has left of his father. As if visits back to your old high school weren’t bad enough on their own.

Randall reminds us that a Thanksgiving Dad is a Hot Dad.
Bless you, Randall.

The Pearsons say good-bye to Deja.
She isn’t with Randall and Beth long before the charges against her mother are dropped and Deja returns home, but man, did she become a part of the family.

Social Worker Linda has a giant martini and celebrates never having to hear that Randall Pearson guy mansplain her job to her ever again.
One would assume.

Kevin gets arrested for a DUI.
Post-breakdown, Kevin heads to Randall’s house to FINALLY ask for help, but news of Kate’s miscarriage steals his thunder. He chugs some vodka and goes for a ride instead. Poor little Tess, who is hiding the backseat of Kevin’s car, has to watch her uncle hit rock bottom. Can someone finally get this guy some help?

The Pearsons have an intense family therapy session.
Kevin wants Rebecca to admit that Randall is her favorite and he goads her until she breaks down and tells him that it was easier to love Randall. Let’s never go back to this therapy room, okay? The revelation does, at least, bring the Big Three closer, and helps to heal Kevin and Rebecca’s relationship, which is a good thing because …

Kevin moves in with Rebecca and Miguel!
Kevin begins to see both his mother and Miguel in a new light. Kevin and Rebecca have never been closer. Kevin and Miguel have never been more, hmm, let’s say cordial? Kevin is trying! Also, Kevin is privy to all the LaCroix his heart desires. Not a bad deal, really.

Kate and Madison become friends and go wedding dress shopping.
They do not, thankfully, start a podcast.

Randall decides he wants to buy William’s old building and turn it into a business venture with Beth.
The first day does not go well, but R&B Properties will survive.

Randall delivers this gutting line about his father: “He’s been gone longer than we had him.”
Just when you think you’re done crying.

Kate adopts a dog for her and Toby.
The dog is named Audio and he is adorable. Still, the memories of Louie and Jack’s death loom large. But again, the cuteness.

Kevin makes amends.
The saddest talk is with Sophie, as he says what seems to be a very final good-bye. The most surprising is with Dr. Charlotte, who returns Kevin’s necklace, PRAISE BE. And the most heartbreaking is with his dad: Kevin can’t actually apologize to his dad, but he makes the best of it by going to The Tree to tell Jack that he’s going to make him proud. It might not be the right tree, but the sentiment is very nice.

February 4, 2018: Super Bowl LII
The Philadelphia Eagles win! Okay, some other things also happen: Rebecca makes Jack’s favorite lasagna, Mr. McGiggles dies (R.I.P.), Kate almost loses the only video she has of her father (you know, the one where he beams with pride and love while watching her sing), and Randall has a very sweet conversation with Tess about always being her No. 1. In that last one, Randall promises Tess that they’ll have dinner together once a week at her office when she is all grown up and fancy. It doesn’t feel like a monumental conversation, but it really is.

Deja arrives at the Pearson house.
She needs money to get the heat turned back on and didn’t know where else to go. Randall and Beth continue to worry.

Vegas, baby.
The Big Three and their people head to Vegas for Kate and Toby’s simultaneous-but-definitely-not-together bachelorette and bachelor parties. Kate and Beth bond. Kevin finds out that his movie may change his life. Randall can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with Deja.

Beth and Randall find Deja and Shauna asleep in their car.
They’ve been evicted, so Beth and Randall invite them to stay at their house for a while. After Shauna sees how happy Deja is, she decides to leave … and give up all parental rights. Deja does not take it well.

Somebody’s getting married! It’s Kate and Toby.
The Ka-Toby wedding arrives, as coordinated by Kevin and Randall. They are delights. But before Kate can walk down the aisle at the family cabin in her gorgeous dress, she has something to do: She needs to let go of Jack, at least a little bit. She goes out into the woods and sits on the tree stump she used to share with her dad, and tells him she needs to make room for Toby. She finally spreads Jack’s remaining ashes, and then Kevin and Randall walk her down the aisle. She isn’t the only Pearson experiencing some catharsis, though: Rebecca and Kate discuss their issues head-on and have a misty-eyed makeup. Kevin uses his toast time to get himself, Kate, Randall, and Rebecca to finally release that deep breath is feels like they’ve been holding in since Jack died. Nice sentiment, but weird wedding toast.

Deja gets upset at the wedding.
Even a conversation with Beth’s very nice cousin Zoe about not hating the people who love you can’t stop Deja from taking out her anger on Randall’s car windshield. This does not bode well for the future.

Kevin and Zoe meet by the punch bowl.
This is very cute and I want to see more.

Kevin and Zoe go to Vietnam.
A year or so after Kate and Toby’s wedding, Kevin and Zoe look very much in love as they land in Vietnam. Kevin is holding a picture of Jack from the war. What is Kevin up to?

Randall and Tess have dinner in her office, beginning another This Is Us mystery.
Sometime far in the future, Randall makes good on his promise to have dinner with his social-worker daughter once a week. This dinner in particular isn’t very pleasant: Randall tells Tess, “It’s time to go see her,” but neither Tess nor Randall are really ready to do so. Who is “her?!” Why don’t they want to see her? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

This Is Us: A Chronological Guide to the Pearson Family