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Younger Will Return on June 5, Obviously With a Reese Witherspoon Joke

Younger is returning for its fifth season this summer, and in a sneak peak of a table read it seems like Reese Witherspoon is just as big a fan of the steamy sex scenes in Marriage Vacation as the rest of the team at Empirical Press. Also, even though Josh (Nico Tortorella) married Claire in Ireland at the end of last season, he’s still sliding into Liza’s (Sutton Foster) DMs. If only Liza, who is pretending to be in her 20s even though she’s in her 40s, knew what direct messages were. Younger returns June 5 on TV Land, just in time for the release of Marriage Vacation in the real world, which is being published by Simon & Schuster. You can read along with Reese!

Younger Will Return on June 5 With a Reese Witherspoon Joke