Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp Give Melania Trump the Perfect Birthday Present on The Opposition

Donald might have been too busy to get his wife a birthday present yesterday, but thankfully, during last night’s The Opposition, Citizen Journalists Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp stepped in to provide the birthday gift and wishes for Melania that her husband couldn’t be bothered to give. That gift is a good one: a completely new covers-only magazine called Plead the Fifth that allows Melania to finally be featured on a cover without having to worry about the whole “in-depth interview” part of it. “No interview, Jordan! Imagine what she’s seen!” Sharp says. “If there’s anyone who knows what truly went down with Stormy Daniels, it’s the woman who sleeps next to Trump…’s wing of the White House.” The two wrap up their segment by singing Happy Birthday to Melania in a style that really reflects the spirit and energy she’s brought to the White House.

Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp Give Melania Trump the […]