cut for time

Adam Driver Has His Own Li’l Shape of Water Romance in Cut-for-Time SNL Sketch

In one of two, count ’em two, cut sketches from last night’s Saturday Night Live episode, the fish man from Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning sci-fi romance The Shape of Water finds himself searching for artistic meaning after making his big-screen debut. While the sketch skimps on the dead fingers, eggs, and Michael Stuhlberg that make the original so watchable, it still, fortunately, has fish sex. To be fair, it’s married fish sex with Adam Driver and happens entirely offscreen, but, through the miracle of deo-piscine reproduction, it does produce a beautiful little boy named Crispy or, possibly, Crispin. So go ahead and feed the last nine months of hard work right into the shredder, Mr. del Toro, because your Shape of Water sequel just got completely preempted.

Adam Driver Enjoys His Own Shape of Water in Cut SNL Sketch