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AHS Season 8 Will Take Place 18 Months in the Future, Which Is Probably As Scary As the Present

Photo: FX

After tackling our very scary near past by depicting the 2016 election in season seven, American Horror Story is moving ahead to our probably still pretty scary near future. Speaking at an Emmy panel, creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the next season will take place “18 months from today,” which would mean sometime in October 2019 (perhaps Murphy is really excited about the Louisiana gubernatorial election, though we all know the real horror might result from what happens in the midterm elections this year). The Cult cast members Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billy Eichner, Cheyenne Jackson, Adina Porter, and Leslie Grossman will all be back, while Murphy has recruited Joan Collins to play Adina Porter’s grandmother. Murphy also promised that this season will be “heightened” and “not necessarily as real and grounded as the past season.” That season had clown murder cults, so.

AHS Season 8 Will Take Place 18 Spooky Months in the Future